“They Laughed When I Said I'd Make My Living Betting on the Horses...”

Find the winners with The Legacy
The Legacy


Stan Hibbert
(Original Author)

The Astonishing, Simple, Ingenious, AND PROVEN Fast-Cash Secret Of An Inspired Betting and Gaming Entrepreneur.
And It's Proofed by the UK Racing Press!

"Punters look for winners, not fancy colour adverts endorsed by famous racing personalities. The Legacy© may come with modest presentation, but has proved to be an explosive winner-finding system that leaves its flashy competitors far behind. The System is definitely an investment and not an expense."

Odds On Magazine


The Legacy©

Every year for the last 22-years, this remarkable system has put BIG PROFITS into the pockets of its deliriously happy users. See full details below of how YOU too can use it to do exactly the same.

It's legal and it's low risk. And you can do it, even if you've never placed a bet in your life, spending less than 30 minutes a day on your own PC.

Simply just... Bet & Go!

From: Andrew David

Dear Friend,

This could be just about the most dangerous letter you ever read...


Because it doesn't contain any empty promises, and when you read it through to the end and act upon it you stand to make proven big cash profits as a direct result. What's more, I'll even guarantee it...

But choose not to act upon it, and you lose out on one of the few genuine and easy profit-making opportunities you'll find on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter.

And that's going to be difficult for you to live with!

Fact is, what I'm writing about today is proven to make many thousands of pure profit every year in the right hands. It does it all the time...

But even in the 'wrong hands'... the average man or woman with little in the way of cash, skills, talent or experience... a life changing monthly income boost is well within reach.

All I ask right now is that you suspend your understandable disbelief for a few minutes whilst I uncover for you this very real opportunity to make a substantial first or second tax-free income with very little effort.

If that sounds impossible, I understand. But hang-on in there and let me tell you what this is all about. I promise I won't waste your time.

To begin with, a question for you...

Ever wondered how the truly successful horse racing bettors got started? I'm talking about those who have an enviable standard of living and yet don't seem to have a job. You know the type...

A lot of folk like to think that such people had the unfair advantage of a large amount of cash to play with right from the beginning, or that they get 'inside information' from the racing stables. It makes them feel better to think like that.

But whilst some top bettors undoubtedly got into the business that way, the truth for many more super successful horse racing bettors is a different story - a very different story indeed...

You see, there are more than you might think who start out
knowing next to nothing about the process of making
a great deal of money from horse racing.

But, be it by luck or careful planning, once they stumble across a way to make a 'pile' they guard the methods and systems they use like a lion guards its cubs. And the more they make, the more protective and secretive they become. They're scared, you see, that if someone discovers their secret all their money will disappear with it!

Yet once in a while, something strange can happen...

As they accumulate more and more cash, they begin to feel secure and realise that even if they share their secret with others it isn't going to harm their own wealth at all. Not one little bit.

But what it will do is rocket their ego right through the ceiling. And
at that point in their lives, that's more important than money.
A chance to prove to the world how smart they are...

That's when the floodgates open. And whoever is first in line when those informational floodgates blast wide open is going to be hit by a giant wall of money-making betting know-how that's been accumulated over a long period (maybe even decades) but is condensed and delivered in one shocking, easy to understand and use, rush.

Well, that's the reason I'm writing to you today.


At the gallop

You see, around 7-years-ago betting and gaming wizard Stan Hibbert's original system was delicately and critically fine-tuned by Systems Analyst Dave Simpson to make it even more potent. Now, these several years later, Dave has reached that point in life where he's gone from keeping everything secret, confidential and under lock and key to wanting to share every last exciting detail with you.

I'm going to reveal Dave's life-changing secret in full in this letter, but first I want to confirm two things you probably already know about betting on horse races...

  1. There's a great deal of money to be made.

  2. Most people have no chance of getting their hands on it.

And that's what makes Dave Simpson very special indeed...

...because he's one of the 'ordinary' guys who's managed to latch onto a truly reliable method of making a great deal of money every month from placing bets on the outcome of horse races. A method of ingenious simplicity which can be learnt from scratch without any previous experience or knowledge. A method, moreover, that first saw the light of day in the 1970s and which ever since - both before and after being updated - has consistently delivered the most amazing profits for the select and fortunate 'few who are in the know'.

Let me introduce you to The Legacy© system which, after nearly 30-years of reliably putting big cash profits month-on-month into the pockets of its users', is surely the most successful horse race betting system in existence... BAR NONE!

And if you're a battle-hardened horse racing devotee of several years experience, chances are from time to time you'll have encountered puzzling race-track rumours of a betting system fabled for its astonishing power to consistently find the winners. Perhaps you've even searched for it, but in vain...

Well, your search is over now!

That jealously guarded winning system is The Legacy© and for a limited time you can get it right here.

But there's more...

Horse and Jockey


Recently a young but very astute and talented racing statistician achieved a remarkable and totally unexpected break through. He discovered that by combining the enormous and proven killer winning power of the updated version of The Legacy© with his own personally devised and very clever system, he threw-up some absolutely jaw-dropping results. Results that take betting into a new and rarified atmosphere of never before experienced profit reliability.

He calls his own method the Saver System©.

Using both the updated version of The Legacy© and the Saver System© together provides him with an all year round constant stream of winners to level stakes, the like of which I tell you in all candour you've never experienced or seen - irrespective of how many years you may have been following the horses. The result is, this inspired young man is quietly making a small fortune betting the same races others lose their shirt on.

And now, you can follow in his exciting footsteps...

...because his same staggeringly potent and unique combination of The Legacy© system and the Saver System© is at last available to you. Nothing is held back. You get it all - every last thing you need to know to immediately start profiting from his unique approach, just like him.

Make no mistake, in the affairs and endeavours of mankind it's often the chance combination of events that brings about advances in both knowledge and achievement. And in the very same way, applying both of these individually outstanding systems side-by-side is all it takes to achieve an incredible combined performance that actually outstrips the magnificent separate performances of the two killer systems themselves.

I'll go further... The Legacy© & Saver System© combination simply cannot be compared to any other racing system anywhere, because it uniquely eliminates most of the luck from choosing winners.

This gives you magnificent year-round winning results to level stakes, and makes prolonged losing days a thing of the past.

And yes, I know you're sceptical...

But I can live with that because, as you saw at the beginning of this letter, you don't have only my word for it!

Just take a look now at another authentic and enthusiastic endorsement by the normally sceptical and hard to please press...

"Prepare yourself to be truly astonished - The system is worth its weight in £20 notes, and really puts the punter in the financial comfort zone! In our test, The Legacy© wins with its ears pricked and plenty in hand. Good VFM and no ongoing costs!"

Business Opportunity Magazine

And for good measure, here's a typical comment from just one of the combined systems' ecstatically satisfied and devoted users...

"I have found The Legacy© to be a truly remarkable winner-finding system.
On receipt of your system I had 4 losers on the trot, and thought here we go again another system that fails to deliver! However, I persevered and had 7 winners on the bounce followed by one loser then another 4 winners - magic!
Also, I believe I am one of the first to pilot your new 'Saver System'. Well, last month (April), I had 18 winning days, 5 overall losing days, and 2 days with no qualifiers - Brilliant!
"I sometimes wondered whether it was possible to break-even when betting, never mind make a profit, and was on the merry go round for many years!
My search is now over, and I have closed the door on receiving any more offers by taking my name off all gambling mailing lists. Many thanks."

A. Burns, Hereford, UK

The unique betting techniques and strategies you learn with this amazing dual system rely solely upon your following a series of easy to use and understand steps. There's nothing difficult or complicated about this. Anyone can do it... And that includes you - irrespective of your age, gender, education, class or creed.

If you're in any doubt at all, let me tell you even an 18 year old can set this up... It's the perfect "lazy way to make money"... month in... month out...

You see, there are NO masses of data for you to compile and you DON'T spend seemingly never-ending hours studying form. In fact you absolutely DON'T NEED form at all - or even need to go anywhere near it!

Look, it'll take you a mere 10 minutes to make the day's selection using The Racing Post sports newspaper you can read for FREE over the Internet. How easy is that?

This astounding dual system operates for both Flat and National Hunt racing, Handicap and Non-Handicap. And it's based upon good old-fashioned straight win bets. No laying, dutching (backing more than one horse in a race), or any of the rest of that unnecessarily complex stuff...

Just back to basics highly profitable and easy to understand and place straight win bets! These are the bets the bookies hate. (Just ask them why!)

Racing to win


On average, The Legacy© could give you up to 3 hot selections EVERY DAY and the Saver System© can add an average of around another 1 to 3 solid bets per day to give you the unrivalled sound performance and the big long term profits you want and that have stirred up a hornet's nest of excitement with the press and existing users' alike.

And, remember, The Legacy© isn't some fanciful and unproven system recently cobbled together. The reality is it has a blue-chip pedigree going back over an amazing 30-years, during which time it has consistently year-in-year-out poured substantial cash amounts into the pockets of its delighted users.

To give you an idea, just take a look at this image of an old press advertisement for The Legacy© which clearly shows the system's sensational year-on-year outstanding PROFIT performance in £GBP between 1993 and 2001 ~

Reproduction of an old The Legacy© advertisement published in the UK Racing Press.

That's an average PROFIT of over £30,000 or $60,000

Take particular notice that we are talking profit here, not just winnings.

And you know what?

Despite Britain having endured two of the worst summers on record in 2007 and 2008, where frequent changes in the ground played havoc with consistency, this prince amongst racing systems continues to reliably deliver the same exciting BIG PROFITS PERFORMANCE to this very day ~

2019 :   £18,060 Profit!   (Up to 11th Nov.)
2018 :   £21,720 Profit!    
2017 :   £19,640 Profit!    
2016 :   £17,530 Profit!    
2015 :   £23,890 Profit!    
2014 :   £22,340 Profit!    
2013 :   £21,230 Profit!    
2012 :   £21,260 Profit!    
2011 :   £23,596 Profit!    
2010 :   £24,176 Profit!    
2009 :   £23,760 Profit!    
2008 :   £23,077 Profit!    
2007 :   £23,445 Profit!    
2006 :   £27,940 Profit!    
2005 :   £29,010 Profit!    
2004 :   £33,381 Profit!    
2003 :   £29,418 Profit!    
2002 :   £26,554 Profit!    

[*All profit figures are derived from operating both The Legacy & Saver System in tandem and are calculated to £200 level stakes for both plans. Please note: Even backing to £50 level stakes, 2018 would have added an extra £5,430 to your coffers - and £2,715 at £25 level stakes.
We now have long-term users who have increased stakes slowly but surely and are now betting to £500 on each selection. I'll leave you to do the sums on exactly how much they made in 2018, but here's a clue - it averaged more than £1,000 A WEEK!]

So, there you have it. You now clearly see for yourself that, without work or effort...


In other words, The Legacy© has put over
£688,000 OF SOLID PROFIT on
the table in just 26-years!

Think about that!

And then ask yourself this...

What would a proven extra income averaging around £28,000 a year mean to you?

Pay a few bills, wouldn't it?

For instance, you could get your mortgage down to sensible figures... or buy the car you really want... or jet-off somewhere exotic for the holiday of a lifetime.

On the other hand you could simply tuck it all away somewhere safe to guarantee you a retirement free from worry about where your next loaf of bread was coming from - not a daft idea in a world where jobs are under constant threat and where even government supported pension funds are struggling to make ends meet.

Then again, if £28,000 a year is of no interest, you could simply choose to leave your life as it is and to walk away and do nothing about this authentic, work-free, and proven golden opportunity to significantly and easily improve your financial security...

It is, after all, your call...

I've put everything I know about The Legacy© into an easy-to-read handbook, spelling out the simple steps you follow to immediately start making profits.

I've also included for you full details of the Saver System© to allow you to combine both systems together to give you a stream of profit generating year-round winners - just like the young statistician responsible for first bringing the two together.

I thought long and hard about how much to charge for this information. After all, it isn't every day that someone shows you how to make a proven profit from gambling - a profit which, as you've just seen, can run across the year to an average approaching £2,500 a month.

A profit, remember, from using a system which has easily passed
the proofing periods required by the UK racing press.

It occurred to me, for example, that many racing tipsters could charge you anything from £50 to £200 or more a month for their services...

Yet it's an established fact that such services can suffer from massive losing runs, a danger that The Legacy© and Saver System© combination has uniquely managed to reduce to almost vanishing point.

Others offer you their services for a limited 'free trial period', which in the UK usually entails your needing to ring-in daily on a premium rate telephone line with calls lasting up to 10-minutes!

Free trial? Those telephone calls
alone could cost you more than £50 a week...

In the end I decided that the fairest and simplest way forward was to let you have both The Legacy© and the Saver System© for a single one-off payment. No on-going monthly fees... no premium rate telephone calls.

And remember, as you saw with your own eyes right at the start of this letter, this is the system the renowned Odds On Magazine unreservedly endorses as the "...Explosive winner-finding system that leaves its flashy competitors far behind."

And, as you also saw earlier, the eminent Business Opportunity Magazine has painstakingly probed this same system for an 8-year sampling period and confirms it consistently produced an astounding and unprecedented number of winning runs throughout that entire time leaving the magazine investigators with little option but to enthusiastically declare, "Prepare yourself to be truly astonished - The system is worth its weight in £20 notes, and really puts the punter in the financial comfort zone!"

Let's get down to basics! Totally unconditional endorsement like that from such highly credible independent sources is NEVER given away. A product has to earn it by sheer provable performance under extremes of professional scrutiny. Such is the unique value of The Legacy© system and the Saver System©.

Think about what that means to you in terms of making this a safe and solid transaction for you. When it comes down to your having confidence in the claims made, as in the end it surely must, you have here the highest independent recommendation you can get and it's as simple as that.

Individually priced, The Legacy© is £150.00 ($188.00) and the Saver System© is £50.00 ($63.00) giving a total of £200.00 for both - about $250.00 US dollars. And for that one time payment you've got everything you need to make independently proven monthly profits from horse racing for years to come.

Now that's a bargain in anybody's language, but I'm going to make it even more of a bargain for you.

Order The Legacy© today and you get
an Introductory Discount of £53.00 ($66.00)
the Saver System© entirely FREE!

Yes, that's right!

This means you get your hands on this remarkable and independently proven system, and own it outright, for an offer of just £97.00 ($118.00) - giving you a huge and instant HALF-PRICE saving of £103.00 ($129.00).

And this is the system, remember, that not only has passed the demanding proofing periods required by the UK racing press but also has resulted in their unconditional praise for its staggering and unprecedented long-term success in finding the winners.

So that's the deal. Order The Legacy© today for just £97.00 ($118.00) to get an immediate Introductory CASH DISCOUNT of £53.00 ($66.00) AND also get the Saver System© FREE.

There's nothing else to pay. Not now, or ever!

What's more... they both come to you fully guaranteed.

I'm more than confident to give you a 56 day 100% full refund if they don't live up the the claims I've made for them. I'm taking the risk... so you don't have to!

Quite frankly, I honestly believe that once you've read the book you won't ever want to be without it. I can't imagine why you'd be unhappy with it, or want a refund. After all, it's virtually your licence to print money. But you can take a look at it risk-free. The safety net is there for you.

But be aware that the early-bird Introductory Cash Discount is for a strictly limited period and is liable to be withdrawn without notice. And once the full price of £150.00 ($188.00) is reinstated no belated requests for the lower price can be entertained.

If that seems harsh, I'm sorry. But I feel it's the right thing to do to be fair to those who respond immediately.


To get your copy... on approval... simply click on the order button below to enter the secure purchasing environment. It's quick and easy, and once you've made your risk-free payment you'll be taken to a page where you'll find the download link. Click on that and moments later you'll have this truly remarkable ebook on your computer.

Be aware that this is a 24/7 fully automated ordering and delivery service so whatever time of day it is, on whatever day it is where you are, you're only minutes away from owning the book and having it in your possession.

And please don't be alarmed if you've never before used an on-line automated downloading procedure. It's a very straightforward process and you'll find full easy-to-follow instructions on the download page to help you.

Order the book today, completely risk-free. I know you'll be absolutely delighted.

Very best wishes,

Andrew David

PS. For your own peace of mind, do remember that what sets this authentic offer apart and places it squarely and unequivocally in the centre stage of reality and honesty is this: It is independently proofed by the UK Racing Press to be consistently successful in finding the winners, month in... month out... Make no mistake - this is the real thing. Simply put, IT PERFORMS AS CLAIMED and to prove it you have the clear and authoritative testimony of the hard-to-please racing press!

PPS. The unique combination of The Legacy© and the Saver System© is a new and devastatingly effective winning approach to horse race betting, and is subject to availability. You won't find it in the shops, or anywhere else on the Internet. This offer is liable to be withdrawn at any time without notice to prevent over-exposure and to responsibly protect the interests of those who act quickly. Order now to avoid disappointment.

PPPS. You can use this supremely successful combination system wherever you live on the planet. But remember it is designed exclusively for use with UK Horse Racing, and all the claims made for it relate only to its use for UK racing. If you live outside the UK you can, of course, open accounts with bookmakers' who offer odds for UK racing and then use the Internet to successfully put the system to work for you. Details are in the handbook. Order now to avoid disappointment.

IMPORTANT: This material comes to you in a PDF file to make it suitable for both PCs and MACs and for which you'll need the FREE ADOBE ACROBAT READER software on your computer. The entire folder is zipped in order to reduce the download time to less than 10 seconds if you're using broadband or less than two minutes if you're using a dial-up connection, and you'll need the WinZip tool or similar on your computer to unzip the file before use. Get your FREE TRIAL of WinZip Here.

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